David Frum’s Google search zinger against Fox News has all its zing removed

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By Doug Powers

David Frum seemed to think he scored a direct hit against Fox News, but based on his search criteria, no MSNBC personalities have been fired for offensive comments either:
@davidfrum 3 poss. reasons: (1) they…


New Poll: MSNBC Ranks Low in ‘Trust List’; Fox News Comes in First Again

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By Randy Hall

For the past five years, the left-wing Public Policy Polling organization has asked a sample of TV viewers which news outlets they trust the most and the ones they believe the least. This year’s version…

Congressman Seeking Support to Impeach Obama

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By webmaster@thenewamerican.com (Alex Newman)

After walking out of Obama’s State of the Union speech upon hearing the president threaten to violate the Constitution and rule by decree, Republican U.S. Congressman Steve…