‘Well, now I’m convinced’! Did ex-Obama speechwriter make the lamest O-care pitch yet?

By Sarah Desprat

Well, to be fair, having a brain isn’t really a prerequisite for getting a job with this White House.
Today’s the final day for prospective customers to sign up for Obamacare (well, kind of, but not really), and former Obama speechwriter Jon Lovett wants to make…

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DC Statehood Green Candidate Eugene Puryear Endorsed by AFSCME & TENAC for At-Large Council Seat

By Jed Ziggler DC Statehood Green Party candidate Eugene Puryear has been endorsed by the Executive Board of AFSCME Local 2401 and by DC Tenants Advocacy Coalition (TENAC) for At-Large Member of DC Council in the 2014 election (http://www.EugenePuryear.com). David Schwartzman, Statehood Green…

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Court Halts Execution For Mississippi Woman Convicted Of Crime Her Son Admitted To

File photo of Michelle Byrom
CREDIT: AP Photo/Mississippi Dept. of Corrections
Execution of Michelle Byrom was imminent in Mississippi last week, in an error-riddled trial that excluded evidence of her son’s admission to the crime. But on Monday, the state high court halted the execution,…

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